119 me


119 Me.

Waxed birch ply, fabric plaster, 10' tablet , custom hardware and software, online elements,

‘Me’ stands for me. It’s the chemical symbol of Me. The 119th element. That’s Me. The rush, the glitz the glamour. Me. The dopamine hit of me. I love you, I love me. It’s about you but it’s about me. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for me.


One Hundred and Nineteen, Me. is a live, reactive sculpture that repeatedly displays thankful tweets by complete strangers accross Twitter. The tablet in the centre of the work continually runs a live website that finds, filters and displays global tweets where the #thankful hashtag has been used. Each time #thankful is found in a tweet - the tablet draws attention to itself by pulsating bright purple light and displaying the incoming tweet for the viewer to read.


The work looks to offer up this archive of online thanks as a platform to suggest both a rejection of some of the existing cynicism surround the social impact of technology within a digital landscape. Whilst simultaneously calling to question the hyperbolic nature of these tweets and their audience, and their potential as tools for competition, bragging and the constant need for social reassurance.

' One Hundred and Nineteen, Me. highlights the centralisation of the self online, which can sometimes be submerged and lost through life in the physical world.' On show now at The Cube London until March 2019 as part of 'Cognitive Sensations'. Curated by Gabriella Warren Smith and funded by the Arts Council '