beautiful sludge pt. 2

Beautiful Sludge Pt. 2.


Painted timber, polished chrome, mechanical elements, perspex cube, pigment, ink

As the visitors of the gallery / building go about their daily activities, this daunting 2.5 metre mechanical structure towers above the viewer in the space. At semi-regular intervals the top of the sculpture automatically excretes a small amount of black sludge into the initially untouched white liquid below.


As the sludge slowly contaminates the white pigment, the illuminating perspex cube allows the viewer to observe the slow process in beautiful detail. The colour change reflects the gradually polluted environment that led to species population changes in the Peppered Moth. Through doing so the performance aims to demonstrate the damaging side effects of industrialisation that run in parallel to daily living.  

 Beautiful Sludge was commissioned by Manchester School of Art’s Outreach department as part of the Peppered Moth Project 2016 & ‘A Whisper To a Shout’ book publication.