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the library of the live or what the eyes see

The Library of The Live or What The Eyes See. 2017

FictionPixels, The Library of The Live or What The Eyes See.


Dimensions variable

smartply disks, 32 inch TV monitors, hd media players, tablet computers, welded steel structure, mechanical elements, looped film with audio, liquid pigment

The installation consists of a scattered but at the same time rhythmic orchestra of object and moving image. Performing every 15 minutes, the objects collectively play out a series of visual and narrative shifts though moving image and the anthropomorphic, mechanical choreography of two crying television monitors.

The content of the film plays out the repetitive, excessive rendering of 2 bookshelves trying to render themselves within the digital sphere. As the rendering increases, other areas of the internet begin to render with the bookshelves. Causing a mashup of pop music, mechanical glitches, funny animal videos and bloody television tears.

Vimeo Footage: Gavin Freeborn.

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