Ant Hamlyn

(UK, B. 1993 Northampton).

Lives and works in London

Hamlyn's work delves into our relationship with modern technology to explore our shifting enthusiasms towards contemporary life. Working with a considered merging of carpentry, metalworking, digital design manufacture, electronics and coding. Hamlyn produce's sculpture, installations, paintings and performing spaces. 


He describes his role as a facilitator in a visual and tactile performance of material and metaphor. Manipulating recognisable forms, paint, language, fairground lights, buttons, mirrors, motors and the internet to act out parts in dystopian predictions, real-life anxieties and bodily imperfections. His works regularly have anthropomorphic elements that work with metaphor, illusion and timing to create moments of flux, ore and surprise through material and visual obscurity.


His paintings and text sculptures often have dystopian or idiosyncratic undertones. Often depicting signage or relics of a dystopian parallel in which fake products, narcissistic tropes and pseudo-optimistic predictions exist within an obscured contemporary reality. The works aesthetic is taken from a mergence of nostalgia and colour psychology, with references to arcadia, magic and minimalist design.  These aesthetic properties and making processes are intrinsic to the simultaneous creation of ore and mystery, familiarity and deception.


His works are held in private international collections and have featured in exhibitions at venues such as Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria and Albert Museum, Pablo's Birthday New York, Saatchi Gallery, FACT and Science Gallery Melbourne. He has exhibited extensively across the UK and overseas including shows in London, Beijing, New York, Moscow and Melbourne. In 2017 he represented the UK and the ‘UK Young Artists’ at the BJCEM Biennale in Albania. He was one of the 2018/19 winners of the Red Mansion Art Prize and in 2020 is currently published in Aesthetica Magazines '100 Contemporary Artists 2020' printed Anthology.

Graduated 2017 - MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art

BA Fine Art 2012  -2015 Liverpool Hope University.

2020. Ant Hamlyn