b l o o m 

Commissioned by Daisy Green Collection for Bondi Green.


Each head on the 7m x 3m installation is rigged to repeatedly bloom and wilt during the duration of a restaurant visit. The act of the heads gently opening and closing symbolizes the perpetual birth of a new day; a repeating positive moment of awakening. In the natural world, daisies open their petals at the dawn of a new day and close throughout the night.


Via a combination of custom fabricated PVC, neon LED lighting and kinetic engineering, B L O O M has been designed to replicate this delicate phenomenon and present it on an expansive scale.  

Installed permanently at Bondi Green, Daisy Green Collection. Brunel Building

Paddington, London

Video shot and edited by MBS Videos, madebysteven.co.uk

B_L_O_O_M Ant Hamlyn