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the boost project

The Boost Project

5x5m Inflatable form, custom hardware and software, online elements

The Boost Project is an interactive, living installation exploring how social media can allow us to live within an alternate reality; one in which we can easily attain a heightened sense of belonging or a temporal state of appreciation. The inflating orb aims to emulate the fleeting sense of acceptance and self worth we can feel after receiving likes, follows or tweets online.


Directly connected to the Internet via the buildings WiFi (on location); The Boost Project triggers a series of algorithms to search for interactions on its own Twitter and Facebook pages.


Each time The Boost Project is followed on Twitter (name dependent on location) receives a like on Facebook, or is hash-tagged #THEBOOSTPROJECT via Twitter. It shoots arrays of coloured LED Lights, creates a loud, obnoxious roar and gradually increases in size, swelling slowly until it reaches its peak. If ignored it immediately begins to subtly deflate and slowly take on the form of an unloved, saggy slab of plastic.

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