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untitled struggle

The mirrored table structure is loosely based on the technique of the 'Proteous' cabinet. A Victorian stagecraft invention designed to conceal a performer within a cabinet or vessel using anamorphosis - a series of tactically placed mirrors to disrupt the field of vision. The mirrors are engineered at 45 degrees to a centre point. Which when viewed in the round create a fluctuating illusion of a four-legged table. Concealing the machinery inside creating a disruption of visual and material experience and re choreographing the perceptive experience of a kinetic form. 

The performance of time is played out via the six minute interval. Six minutes is a engineered timing designed to be slightly too long to wait for. By  allowing the kinetic element to be potentially overlooked by impatience, it attempts to offer multiple questions of attention span, anticipation and investment in visual experience, placing the viewer as the fundamental element in the perception of visual performance.


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